Most Expensive Speakers

Find our list of the 5 most expensive Speakers.

1. Sonus Faber Aida

  • Price: $130,000
  • Brand: Sonus Faber
  • Category: Speakers
Sonus Faber Aida

The Sonus Faber Aida speakers are a remarkable blend of Italian craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled acoustic performance, designed for the most discerning audiophiles. These flagship loudspeakers embody the essence of Sonus Faber's commitment to creating a musical experience that transcends the ordinary and captures the emotional essence of live performances.

Design and Craftsmanship:

The Aida's design is an elegant fusion of form and function, characterized by its stunning lute-shaped cabinet, which is not only visually striking but also acoustically optimized. The cabinet is meticulously crafted from a combination of solid wood and composite materials, ensuring rigidity and resonance control. The speaker's luxurious finish, available in a variety of wood veneers and high-gloss lacquers, highlights the attention to detail and the pride in craftsmanship that Sonus Faber is renowned for.

Acoustic Technology:

The Sonus Faber Aida features an array of advanced acoustic technologies that work together to deliver a truly immersive and lifelike soundstage. At the heart of the speaker lies a custom-designed, ultra-linear, and high-performance driver lineup, consisting of a 1-inch tweeter, a 7-inch midrange, and three 9-inch woofers. These drivers, engineered specifically for the Aida, are seamlessly integrated to ensure an incredibly natural and coherent sound reproduction.

The innovative "Stealth Ultraflex" system, a uniquely designed bass reflex port, minimizes turbulence and distortion, resulting in an authoritative and well-defined bass response. Furthermore, the "Sound Field Shaper" technology allows users to fine-tune the soundstage and tailor the listening experience to their personal preferences and room acoustics.


The Sonus Faber Aida speakers deliver an exceptional sonic performance that is characterized by a spacious and holographic soundstage, precise imaging, and a level of detail that reveals the subtlest nuances in the music. The speakers' ability to reproduce the full spectrum of frequencies, from the deepest bass to the most delicate highs, creates an emotionally engaging experience that transports the listener to the heart of the performance.

With their breathtaking design, unparalleled craftsmanship, and extraordinary sonic performance, the Sonus Faber Aida speakers stand as a testament to the brand's dedication to delivering an immersive and emotive musical experience that transcends traditional boundaries. They represent the pinnacle of high-end audio and are sure to captivate even the most discerning audiophiles.

2. Wilson Audio Alexx

  • Price: $135,000
  • Brand: Wilson Audio
  • Category: Speakers
Wilson Audio Alexx

The Wilson Audio Alexx is a state-of-the-art floorstanding loudspeaker system that represents the pinnacle of high-end audio performance and exquisite craftsmanship. Designed and manufactured by the renowned American company Wilson Audio, the Alexx speakers are the embodiment of decades of research, engineering expertise, and passion for creating an unparalleled listening experience for audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike.


The Wilson Audio Alexx speakers feature a visually striking and distinctive design that not only captures the eye but also serves a functional purpose. With an intricate modular architecture, the speakers comprise multiple individual enclosures made from Wilson Audio's proprietary materials, X-Material and S-Material, which are engineered to minimize resonance and optimize sound quality. The meticulously arranged driver layout and elegant construction create a perfect blend of form and function that sets the Alexx apart from its competitors.

Driver Technology:

The Alexx speakers are equipped with a combination of four drivers: a 1-inch silk-dome tweeter, a 5.75-inch midrange driver, a 10.5-inch lower midrange/upper woofer, and a 12.5-inch woofer. These drivers are expertly designed to deliver exceptional clarity, accuracy, and dynamic range across the entire audio spectrum. The tweeter utilizes a rear-wave chamber to reduce distortion, while the midrange and woofer drivers feature Wilson Audio's latest innovations in cone technology, ensuring tight and controlled bass response and a natural, detailed midrange.


One of the key features of the Wilson Audio Alexx speakers is their adaptability to different room environments and listener preferences. The speakers offer a comprehensive array of adjustments for the tweeter and midrange modules, including time alignment, allowing users to fine-tune the sound to their unique requirements. This level of customization ensures that the Alexx speakers deliver an unrivaled audio experience, tailored to the individual listener's taste.


The Wilson Audio Alexx speakers are designed to deliver a breathtakingly lifelike and immersive listening experience. With a frequency response ranging from 20 Hz to 32 kHz, the Alexx can reproduce even the most demanding musical passages with remarkable accuracy and detail. The speakers' high sensitivity and impressive power handling capabilities enable them to effortlessly fill large listening spaces with rich, dynamic, and natural sound.

3. Magico M6

  • Price: $172,000
  • Brand: Magico
  • Category: Speakers
Magico M6

The Magico M6 is a state-of-the-art, floor-standing loudspeaker that embodies the pinnacle of high-end audio engineering, craftsmanship, and design. As a flagship model in Magico's prestigious lineup, the M6 represents the company's relentless pursuit of sonic perfection and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of loudspeaker technology.

Cabinet Design:

The Magico M6 features a distinctive, monocoque cabinet constructed from a proprietary carbon fiber composite material, ensuring both exceptional rigidity and unparalleled resonance control. This innovative design minimizes unwanted vibrations and colorations, resulting in an exceptionally neutral and accurate sound reproduction. The sleek, curved exterior of the M6 not only contributes to its acoustic performance but also creates a striking, modern aesthetic that is sure to make a statement in any listening room.

Driver Technology:

The Magico M6 is equipped with a sophisticated array of custom-designed drivers that work in harmony to deliver an expansive and accurate soundstage. The speaker features a 1-inch diamond-coated beryllium tweeter, a 6-inch graphene midrange driver, and three 10.5-inch graphene bass drivers. These cutting-edge materials and technologies enable the M6 to achieve an extraordinarily detailed and transparent sound reproduction across a wide frequency range, from the deepest bass notes to the most delicate high-frequency nuances.

Crossover and Impedance:

The M6 employs Magico's exclusive Elliptical Symmetry Crossover, which utilizes state-of-the-art Mundorf capacitors and resistors to ensure a seamless and coherent integration of the drivers. With an impedance of 4 ohms and a sensitivity of 88 dB, the Magico M6 is designed to be driven by high-quality amplifiers capable of delivering a clean and powerful signal.


The Magico M6 offers an extraordinary listening experience, characterized by its expansive soundstage, pinpoint imaging, and unparalleled transparency. The speaker delivers an effortless and natural representation of the music, capturing every nuance and detail while maintaining a sense of coherence and musicality. With a frequency response of 22 Hz to 50 kHz, the M6 is capable of reproducing a wide range of musical genres with exceptional accuracy and emotional impact.

4. Moon Audio Signature Titan II

  • Price: $500,000
  • Brand: Moon Audio
  • Category: Speakers
Moon Audio Signature Titan II

The Moon Audio Signature Titan II speakers represent the pinnacle of audio engineering, combining state-of-the-art technology and meticulous craftsmanship to deliver an unparalleled listening experience. Designed for the most discerning audiophiles, these exquisite speakers are the culmination of years of research, development, and refinement by Moon Audio's team of audio experts.


The Signature Titan II speakers feature an elegant and sophisticated design that blends seamlessly into any living space. The meticulously crafted cabinets are made from high-quality materials, ensuring optimal resonance control and minimal distortion. Each cabinet houses an array of precision-engineered drivers, designed to work in perfect harmony to reproduce sound with breathtaking accuracy and detail.


 At the heart of the Moon Audio Signature Titan II speakers lies a plethora of advanced technologies that ensure flawless audio reproduction. The multi-driver configuration, consisting of a ribbon tweeter, midrange driver, and multiple bass drivers, guarantees a wide frequency response and precise soundstage imaging.

The ribbon tweeter delivers exceptional high-frequency performance, revealing the subtle nuances and delicate details in your favorite recordings. The custom-designed midrange driver reproduces vocals and instruments with stunning clarity and accuracy, while the powerful bass drivers handle low frequencies with authority and control, providing a deep, tight, and immersive bass response.

Crossover Technology:

The Signature Titan II speakers employ a sophisticated crossover network that meticulously distributes the audio signal to each driver, ensuring seamless integration and coherency across the entire frequency spectrum. The use of high-grade components within the crossover network ensures minimal signal loss and preserves the integrity of the audio signal.


Understanding that every listening environment is unique, Moon Audio offers customization options to tailor the Signature Titan II speakers to your specific needs. Various finish options, including premium wood veneers and high-gloss paint finishes, allow you to personalize the appearance of your speakers to match your home décor. Furthermore, optional grille covers can be added for a more discreet look, without compromising the speakers' sonic performance.

5. Goldmund Epilogue Signature

  • Price: $1,000,000
  • Brand: Goldmund
  • Category: Speakers
Goldmund Epilogue Signature

The Goldmund Epilogue Signature speakers are a pinnacle of audio engineering and design, representing the Swiss manufacturer's relentless pursuit of perfection in high-fidelity sound reproduction. These luxurious and exquisitely crafted speakers exemplify Goldmund's commitment to combining cutting-edge technology, unparalleled craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail to create an unrivaled listening experience for the most discerning audiophiles.


The Epilogue Signature speakers boast an elegant and timeless design that blends seamlessly into any high-end living space. The robust and meticulously crafted cabinet is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, ensuring exceptional rigidity and resonance control. This precision-engineered structure serves to minimize distortion and enhance the overall sonic performance. The speaker's minimalist design, characterized by clean lines and smooth surfaces, is a testament to Goldmund's philosophy of simplicity and purity.


Goldmund's advanced technologies are at the heart of the Epilogue Signature speakers, delivering extraordinary sonic performance. The speakers employ the company's proprietary Mechanical Grounding technology, which efficiently dissipates vibrations generated by the drivers, resulting in a remarkably clean and detailed sound. The Acoustic Grounding technology, another Goldmund innovation, further refines the speaker's performance by minimizing the impact of floor reflections.


The Goldmund Epilogue Signature speakers are equipped with premium-grade drivers, ensuring accurate sound reproduction across the entire frequency spectrum. The system features a powerful and responsive woofer, a transparent and detailed midrange driver, and a refined and articulate tweeter. These custom-designed drivers work in perfect harmony to deliver a lifelike and immersive soundstage that captures every nuance of the original recording.


The Epilogue Signature speakers offer an unparalleled listening experience, characterized by exceptional clarity, detail, and dynamics. The speakers deliver a well-balanced and natural sound signature that remains faithful to the recording, while also revealing the most subtle details and textures. The expansive soundstage and precise imaging provide a captivating and immersive experience, transporting the listener to the heart of the performance.


Goldmund's Epilogue Signature speakers cater to a select group of audiophiles who appreciate the finest in audio reproduction and craftsmanship. These speakers represent not only a significant investment in high-end audio but also a statement of refined taste and passion for uncompromising sonic excellence. Owning a pair of Goldmund Epilogue Signature speakers places you among an elite circle of music enthusiasts who demand nothing less than the absolute best.