Most Expensive Lawn Mowers

Find our list of the 5 most expensive Lawn Mowers.

1. Kubota ZD1511RLF-72R

Kubota ZD1511RLF-72R

The Kubota ZD1511RLF-72R is a high-performance lawn mower designed for professional landscapers and homeowners who demand precision cutting and reliable performance. This mower boasts a powerful 30.8 horsepower diesel engine, which provides excellent fuel efficiency and low emissions, making it an eco-friendly choice for lawn maintenance.

Equipped with a 72-inch cutting deck, this mower can handle large areas of grass with ease, reducing mowing time and increasing productivity. The deck is constructed with durable materials to withstand the rigors of daily use and features three blades to ensure a clean and even cut. The cutting height can be easily adjusted using a dial on the control panel, allowing you to customize the length of your grass to your exact preferences.

The Kubota ZD1511RLF-72R is also designed with operator comfort in mind. The spacious operator platform features a high-back seat with armrests, providing a comfortable and supportive ride even during long hours of mowing. The control panel is easy to navigate, with intuitive controls for all of the mower's functions.

Other features of this mower include a hydraulic deck lift, which makes it easy to raise and lower the cutting deck, and a shaft-driven transmission, which provides smooth and reliable power to the wheels. The mower also comes with a range of safety features, including a ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure) and seatbelt, ensuring your safety while mowing on uneven terrain.

2. Grasshopper 729T6

Grasshopper 729T6

The Grasshopper 729T6 is a powerful and efficient lawn mower designed for commercial and heavy-duty residential use. With its rugged construction and innovative features, this mower is built to tackle even the toughest mowing tasks with ease.

At the heart of the Grasshopper 729T6 is a 29 horsepower Vanguard engine, which provides plenty of power to drive the mower's cutting blades and move the machine forward. The engine is coupled with a Hydro-Gear ZT-4400 transmission, which allows for smooth and precise control of the mower's speed and direction.

The mower's cutting deck measures 61 inches in width, making it ideal for large lawns and open fields. The deck is made from high-strength steel and features three blades that are powered by an electric PTO clutch. The cutting height can be adjusted easily using a foot pedal, allowing for quick and precise changes to accommodate different grass lengths and terrain.

One of the standout features of the Grasshopper 729T6 is its comfortable and intuitive operator controls. The mower's joystick controls make it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, while the high-back seat and adjustable armrests provide a comfortable ride even during extended mowing sessions.

Other notable features of the Grasshopper 729T6 include a large fuel tank for extended run times, a heavy-duty steel frame for durability and stability, and an optional mulching kit for easy grass recycling. Overall, this mower is a reliable and high-performing choice for anyone in need of a versatile and powerful lawn care solution.

3. John Deere Z997R

John Deere Z997R

The John Deere Z997R is a high-performance commercial zero-turn lawn mower designed for professional landscapers and groundskeepers. It features a powerful 37.4 horsepower Yanmar diesel engine that delivers efficient and reliable performance, even in tough mowing conditions.

The Z997R has a 72-inch (183 cm) side-discharge mower deck that is constructed from heavy-duty welded steel for increased durability and longevity. The deck features seven adjustable height settings that allow operators to cut grass at a range of heights, from 1 to 5.5 inches (2.5 to 14 cm). It also has a deep deck design with a baffling system that ensures a clean, even cut, and superior material flow.

The mower is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission system that allows for smooth and precise control of the machine's speed and direction. The operator can easily navigate around obstacles and tight spaces, thanks to the mower's zero-turn radius.

The Z997R has a comfortable and ergonomic operator station that features a high-back seat with adjustable armrests, a cup holder, and easy-to-reach controls. The mower also has a foldable roll-over protection system (ROPS) for added safety.

4. Toro Z Master 7500-D Series

Toro Z Master 7500-D Series

performance and efficiency. This mower is built with a powerful 37.4 hp Yanmar diesel engine that provides exceptional torque and durability for demanding mowing tasks.

The cutting deck on the Z Master 7500-D Series is made from durable 7-gauge steel and comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 60 inches to 96 inches, allowing for efficient mowing on large areas. The deck also features a bull-nose bumper, anti-scalp wheels, and adjustable baffles for superior cut quality.

The Z Master 7500-D Series also boasts a comfortable operator platform with a deluxe suspension seat and adjustable steering column, providing excellent visibility and reduced operator fatigue during long hours of operation. This mower is also equipped with a digital instrument panel and easy-to-use controls, making it simple to operate.

Other notable features of the Toro Z Master 7500-D Series include a durable hydrostatic drive system, integrated cooling system, and a robust 14-gallon fuel tank, ensuring maximum productivity and uptime. Additionally, this mower is designed with easy maintenance in mind, featuring an innovative tool-less belt cover and easy access to the engine for routine servicing.

5. Mean Green Rival

  • Price: $32,000
  • Brand: Mean Green Mowers
  • Category: Lawn Mowers
Mean Green Rival

Mean Green Rival is an advanced electric lawn mower designed for efficient and eco-friendly lawn maintenance. It is equipped with a powerful electric motor that offers a quiet operation and delivers equivalent performance to a gas-powered lawn mower. The mower features a sturdy 21-inch cutting deck that can be adjusted to six different heights, enabling the user to customize the cutting height according to their preference.

The Mean Green Rival lawn mower is built with a heavy-duty construction, featuring a durable aluminum frame and impact-resistant composite panels that ensure long-lasting durability. The mower also includes a high-capacity lithium-ion battery that provides up to 3 hours of run time on a single charge, allowing you to cover a large lawn area without any interruptions.

Additionally, the Rival mower is designed for ease of use and convenience, with intuitive controls that are easy to operate. It also features a self-propelled drive system that makes it effortless to maneuver around the lawn, even on steep inclines. The mower also includes a large grass bagger that can hold up to 2.5 bushels of grass clippings, minimizing the need for frequent emptying.