Most Expensive W Motors Cars

Find our list of the 1 most expensive W Motors Cars.

1. W Motors Lykan Hypersport

  • Price: $3,400,000
  • Brand: W Motors
  • Category: Cars
W Motors Lykan Hypersport

The W Motors Lykan Hypersport is a breathtakingly stunning supercar that combines cutting-edge technology, exceptional performance, and unparalleled luxury. As the first hypercar to emerge from the Middle East, this ultra-exclusive automobile is limited to just seven units worldwide, making it an incredibly rare and coveted masterpiece.


Featuring an aggressively sculpted body, the Lykan Hypersport's exterior boasts bold lines and sharp angles, giving it an unmistakable presence on the road. Crafted from lightweight carbon fiber and other advanced materials, this machine is designed for aerodynamic efficiency and exceptional handling. The striking LED headlights, adorned with diamonds and other precious stones, add a touch of opulence to the car's already mesmerizing appearance.


The Lykan Hypersport's interior is a fusion of futuristic design and unparalleled luxury. Hand-stitched leather seats, carbon fiber accents, and high-quality materials create an indulgent environment for both driver and passenger. The state-of-the-art holographic infotainment system sets this hypercar apart from its competitors, offering an unmatched level of technology and sophistication.


Under the hood, the Lykan Hypersport is powered by a mid-mounted, twin-turbocharged 3.7-liter flat-six engine, developed in collaboration with RUF Automobile. Producing a staggering 780 horsepower and 708 lb-ft of torque, this supercar can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 245 mph. The advanced suspension system, rear-wheel drive, and high-performance brakes ensure that the Lykan Hypersport delivers a truly exhilarating driving experience.


Priced at over $3 million, the W Motors Lykan Hypersport is one of the most expensive and exclusive cars in the world. Its limited production, extraordinary performance, and unmatched luxury ensure that it remains an iconic and highly sought-after vehicle in the realm of automotive exotica.