Most Expensive Bowling Balls

Find our list of the 6 most expensive Bowling Balls.

1. Storm Axiom Pearl

Storm Axiom Pearl

The Storm Axiom Pearl is an exceptional high-performance bowling ball that blends cutting-edge technology with a striking appearance to dominate the lanes. As part of Storm's renowned Master Line, this ball is designed for bowlers seeking a versatile and powerful weapon to elevate their game in medium to heavy oil conditions. The Axiom Pearl's combination of innovative core design, enhanced coverstock, and visually captivating aesthetics make it a must-have addition to any serious bowler's arsenal.


At the heart of the Axiom Pearl lies the innovative Orbital Core, which provides a low RG (radius of gyration) and medium-high differential. This advanced asymmetrical core design promotes a strong, continuous motion on the backend, allowing the ball to create a powerful yet controlled reaction in a variety of lane conditions. The Orbital Core's dynamics ensure smooth transitions and impressive pin action, making it a reliable option for a wide range of bowlers.


The Axiom Pearl features the groundbreaking NeX Pearl Reactive coverstock, Storm's latest breakthrough in coverstock technology. This highly advanced material is specifically engineered to maximize the ball's traction in the oil while retaining energy for a powerful backend reaction. The NeX Pearl Reactive coverstock is also highly tunable, allowing bowlers to adjust the surface finish to suit their individual preferences and lane conditions.


With its eye-catching combination of azure, black, and silver colors, the Axiom Pearl is sure to stand out on the lanes. The shimmering pearl finish not only enhances the ball's visual appeal but also contributes to its on-lane performance by providing a clean, skid-flip motion through the front part of the lane. The Storm logo and Axiom Pearl branding complete the striking look, making it a stylish addition to any bowler's collection.

2. Roto Grip UFO Alert

Roto Grip UFO Alert

The Roto Grip UFO Alert is a high-performance bowling ball designed to provide bowlers with exceptional control, versatility, and striking power. As a part of Roto Grip's HP4 line, the UFO Alert has been meticulously engineered for those looking to enhance their game on medium to heavy oil lane conditions. This cosmic-themed bowling ball combines innovative technology and a visually striking design to help bowlers make their mark on the lanes.


The UFO Alert features the asymmetrical E.T.™ (Equalizer Technology) Core, an evolution of the successful core design found in the original UFO. This innovative design promotes increased mid-lane read, smooth transitions, and amplified continuation through the pins. The dynamic core shape redistributes mass to create a more consistent reaction, allowing bowlers to predict and control ball motion with ease.


The MicroTrax Hybrid Reactive coverstock is the key to the UFO Alert's performance on various lane conditions. This advanced coverstock formulation offers the perfect blend of traction and length, resulting in a versatile ball that adapts to the ever-changing environment on the lanes. Finished with a 1500-grit polished surface, the UFO Alert provides an impressive amount of hook potential while maintaining a strong and continuous backend motion.


The UFO Alert's eye-catching design is a true standout on the lanes. The vibrant combination of neon orange, electric blue, and silver pearl creates a captivating swirling pattern that is sure to grab attention. The cosmic theme is further accentuated by the UFO Alert logo, embodying the ball's out-of-this-world performance.


Bowlers can expect a strong, controlled reaction from the Roto Grip UFO Alert. Its unique core design and hybrid coverstock combine to deliver an ideal balance of hook potential, mid-lane read, and backend continuation. This makes the UFO Alert an ideal choice for competitive bowlers seeking a versatile, high-performance ball that excels in medium to heavy oil conditions.

3. Hammer Obsession Tour

Hammer Obsession Tour

The Hammer Obsession Tour is a high-performance bowling ball designed for serious bowlers who crave versatility, power, and precision on the lanes. As a part of Hammer's esteemed Obsession series, this ball is engineered with advanced technology and premium materials to elevate your game and help you conquer various lane conditions with confidence.


At the heart of the Hammer Obsession Tour lies the Tour V2 symmetric core, which is designed to provide an optimal balance between control and hook potential. The core's low RG (radius of gyration) and medium-high differential allow for smooth and continuous motion down the lane, resulting in a strong, predictable backend reaction. This well-rounded core makes the Obsession Tour an ideal choice for bowlers of different skill levels and styles.


The Obsession Tour features the innovative Carbon Fiber Infused (CFI) Tour coverstock, which is a benchmark-setting reactive solid material. This coverstock provides impressive durability, longevity, and excellent performance on medium to heavy oil conditions. The CFI technology enhances the ball's traction in the oil, allowing it to read the mid-lane more effectively and deliver a powerful yet controllable backend reaction.


The Hammer Obsession Tour comes with a 500/2000 Siaair Micro Pad finish, which gives the ball a strong and consistent surface texture. This finish enhances the ball's ability to cut through the oil and generate friction with the lane surface, ensuring a reliable and predictable motion that can be easily fine-tuned to match your preferred ball reaction and lane conditions.


The Hammer Obsession Tour is a versatile bowling ball that can adapt to various lane conditions, making it an excellent addition to any bowler's arsenal. Whether you're a stroker, cranker, or tweener, the Obsession Tour delivers outstanding performance and predictability, allowing you to tackle challenging oil patterns with ease.

4. Brunswick Prism Warp

Brunswick Prism Warp

Brunswick Prism Warp is a high-performance bowling ball designed for serious bowlers who demand precision, power, and accuracy on the lane. This ball is part of Brunswick's cutting-edge Prism line, which incorporates innovative technology to enhance the ball's overall performance and durability.

The Prism Warp features an asymmetrical core design, which provides maximum energy transfer and allows for increased revs and ball speed. This core is surrounded by Brunswick's exclusive Portal™ Solid coverstock, which provides excellent traction and hook potential on medium to heavy oil lane conditions. The coverstock is also infused with Brunswick's innovative DynamiCore™ technology, which enhances the ball's overall durability and allows for better pin carry.

In terms of color and appearance, the Prism Warp features a striking combination of bright green and black, with a unique prism-like design that catches the eye and adds to the ball's overall aesthetic appeal. This ball is available in weights ranging from 12 to 16 pounds, making it a versatile option for bowlers of all skill levels and playing styles.

Overall, the Brunswick Prism Warp is a high-performance bowling ball that is designed to deliver maximum power, accuracy, and consistency on the lane. Whether you're a competitive bowler or a casual player looking to improve your game, this ball is sure to impress with its advanced technology and impressive performance capabilities.

5. Motiv Trident Horizon

Motiv Trident Horizon

The Motiv Trident Horizon is a high-performance bowling ball that takes the sport to new heights, offering unparalleled power and control on the lanes. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and premium materials, the Trident Horizon is designed to cater to the needs of advanced and professional bowlers seeking a versatile, reliable, and aggressive ball in their arsenal.


The heart of the Trident Horizon lies in its innovative Asymmetric Turbulent core, which provides a medium RG (Radius of Gyration), a high differential, and a substantial intermediate differential. This powerful core design delivers strong mid-lane motion and impressive continuation through the pins, making it an ideal choice for various lane conditions and oil patterns.


Encasing the Turbulent core is the Coercion MXC (Maximum Continuation) Solid Reactive coverstock, renowned for its ability to generate impressive traction in heavy oil while maintaining energy for the backend. The coverstock is finished with a 2000 Grit LSS (Low Surface Saturation) finish, ensuring that the Trident Horizon can dig through the oil and make a smooth, predictable, yet strong hooking motion.


The Motiv Trident Horizon is designed to excel on medium to heavy oil conditions, offering a blend of strong mid-lane traction and powerful backend continuation. Its aggressive hook potential and reliable motion make it an ideal choice for various lane conditions, allowing bowlers to confidently adjust their game as needed. The Trident Horizon's strong, controllable motion allows for greater versatility and adaptability, making it a valuable addition to any serious bowler's arsenal.


The Trident Horizon is not just about performance; it also exudes a striking visual appeal. The ball features a captivating combination of deep blue and black colors, complemented by the signature Motiv logo and Trident emblem. The contrast between the dark hues and the bright Motiv branding creates a stunning visual impact as the ball travels down the lane, turning heads with every powerful strike.

6. DV8 Hell Raiser Return

DV8 Hell Raiser Return

The DV8 Hell Raiser Return is a high-performance bowling ball that has been meticulously engineered to dominate the lanes and leave a lasting impression. Designed for aggressive players seeking exceptional hook potential and versatility, the Hell Raiser Return is the perfect weapon of choice for those looking to raise the bar in their game.


At the heart of the Hell Raiser Return lies the innovative Inciter Max Asymmetric core, which has been specifically designed to optimize both power and control. This advanced core technology generates a strong mid-lane read, smooth backend motion, and impressive continuation through the pins. Its low RG and high differential characteristics allow the ball to rev up quickly, ensuring maximum energy transfer for devastating pin action.


The DV8 Hell Raiser Return is wrapped in the proven Aggression Solid CFI coverstock, which is known for its exceptional durability, resilience, and traction in the oil. This reactive solid coverstock is finished with a 500/2000 Siaair Micro Pad surface, providing the perfect blend of friction and consistency needed to tackle a variety of lane conditions, from medium to heavy oil patterns.


The Hell Raiser Return's striking visual appeal is achieved through a bold combination of deep red, black, and silver colors. The eye-catching swirl pattern and prominent DV8 logo ensure that this ball stands out on the rack and creates a memorable presence as it barrels down the lane.


The DV8 Hell Raiser Return is designed for players who crave an aggressive ball motion with a strong mid-lane read and continuous backend movement. Its powerful core and reactive coverstock work in tandem to deliver impressive hook potential, control, and versatility. Whether you're a competitive bowler seeking an edge in tournaments or an enthusiast looking to elevate your game, the Hell Raiser Return is a formidable addition to any arsenal.